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The Best Rise of Kingdoms Guides


Rise of Kingdoms is the most popular strategy game in the gaming world today. You will get to develop your town, different troops, and units to train your army in the game. You will also find multiple commander characters and the best combat in a real-time format. Here are some best rise of kingdoms guides to help you accomplish some of the most vital aspects of the game. You will find eleven different civilizations to choose from when you start the game. Each civilization has its starting commanders and passives. It is essential to select the best civilization.

According to most players, one of the most popular and best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms is China. Another famous civilization in Japan. So, you can choose between these two civilizations. In Rise of Kingdoms, you need to develop your town and start raising an army through which you can participate in combat and PvP. The most vital structure in the game is the city hall. It is best to focus on developing the city hall rather than other buildings.

Once the city hall reaches level 5, you will unlock the second march slot, which will allow you to send out two armies simultaneously. On level 11, you will unlock the third march slot, level 17 will unlock the fourth march slot, and in level 22, you can unlock the first march slot. You will find more than 50 commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Commanders are an essential part of your civilizations. The best way to increase the level of your commanders is by rallying barbarian forts. It is best not to unnecessary resources on leveling up non-essential commanders.

It will help if you focus on leveling up the strong characters. The most popular and best commanders for PvP in Rise of Kingdoms are Joan of Arc, Sun Tzu, Minamoto, and Cao Cao. And some of the best commanders for gathering are Constance and Gaius Marius. The best Rise of Kingdoms guide for you will be to join a strong and active alliance. It will benefit and help you progress faster. It is best to choose the civilization and commanders before you invest your time in it.


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